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Data4Citizen Platform

Publish your data where innovators can find it and take benefit of Data4Citizen features

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Open Data Portal

Data 4 Citizen Open Data platform extends advance way to obtain and utilize government data information’s. Instead of going through a manual process to access information, citizens can assess, evaluate and share the information right away.

Data Publishing, Optimized for Business Users

Easy-to-use tools for publishing and updating data from spreadsheets, file systems, transactional databases, and real-time data sources. A scalable cloud platform helps you create a sustainable open data program from day one.

  • Empower all your employees to publish data. No special skills required
  • Automate publishing and schedule updates with data4citizen’s intuitive tools, API-based client libraries, and third-party tools
  • Configure the right publishing and approval workflow for your organization

Flexible Metadata Management

Implement the data governance model that’s right for you, and ensure 100% compliance with metadata schema standards like the ones outlined in the federal “Project Open Data” specifications.

  • Define a standard metadata vocabulary for your organization       
  • Easily create and maintain an enterprise data inventory and expose it via APIs, or as a data.json file
  • Extend your metadata schema and enjoy support of rich data types such as location, URL, currency or even documents or photos

Hosting solutions

Your Data4Citizen platform can hosted as well in our hoster architecture or in your architecture. Our staff takes in charge the maintenance.

  • Data4Citizen hosting on your site with technical architecture validation
  • Data4Citizen hosting in our hoster architecture. More details
  • Our staff can be in charge of your Data4Citizen platform including integration and development's team.

Federate Your Data With Other Organizations

When it comes to open data, value grows exponentially the more data is shared between government organizations. Data4Citizen Data Federation makes that a one-click process.

  • Easily create a regional data hub with your neighboring cities and counties in your state
  • Constituents find relevant data based on topics or themes, regardless of where the data originates from
  • Federate seamlessly with other Data4Citizen customers, or any portal that supports DCAT standards

Measure the Success of Your Initiative in Real-time

Find out what’s working and what’s not based on user interactions, in addition to real-time consumption and distribution of your data and APIs.

  • Data Publishers track which data is popular with their constituents, how it is being consumed, and where it is shared on the web
  • Real-time reporting allows data publishers to monitor poignant (“hot”) datasets, trending keyword searches, and influential traffic sources
  • Track usage of your APIs and follow which apps are relying on your data
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Open Data Social

Data4citizen's open data platform offers citizens a better way to access and use public information. Rather than going through a formal process to request information, they can review, compare, visualize, and analyze data – and share their discoveries – in real time.

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Open Data API

Many developers have told us that they feel working with government data is too difficult. data4citizen makes things easier with fast and uniform programmatic access to rich, automatically-updated government datasets. We also offer helpful resources to get you started, and we’re dedicated to open standards.

The focus of the Developer Site is to make it easy to access the API, retrieve data, and perform more advanced operations such as searching and filtering, all in the developer’s language of choice. On this site you will find useful features and resources that will help you get started on the data4citizen API, in the programming language of your choice:

  • Dynamic code samples that you can run and preview, in context, throughout the reference documentation.
  • An interactive developer console that allows you to explore the API interactively, by issuing API commands against any public data4citizen-powered dataset and seeing real results in JSON, XML, and even RDF notation.
  • Guides and native libraries in Java, JavaScript, Fusion charts
  • Community forums
  • Meaningful documentation
  • Jumpstart guides and helpful videos
  • A developer blog maintained by our developer advocate
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