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Datasets and Extractions

Use our powerfull API to harvest data from internal or external datasources to easily publish your data. Our solution natively allows public datasets to be harvested.

Registered users can be part of the Open Data movement, providing their own data set and making it visible to anybody, after moderator validation of dataset content.

Data4Citizen not only allow user to get access to public data : user can now be part of the data publication process, as we strongly believe an important part of the data are not only coming from government and public structures.

Data4Citizen's highlighted key points :

  • Harvest process to extract data from sources
  • Manual uploads and validations of data uploads
  • Metadata and themes at upload time
  • Ontology support
  • Data type conversion (XML to RDF throughout ontology for instance)
  • Data visualizations with tables, grid, charts and maps
  • Geolocation functions embeded
  • Big Data storage with MongoDB, Hadoop and SolR
  • RDF storage with Apache Jena
  • Custom CKAN extensions

Data publication

Enjoy our Web platform to publish your data taken from the CKAN backbone.

Web portal is developed in Java GWT and has a Drupal integration with users grants and access management.

Data4Citizen gives a secured access to Data to users and displays a custom interface according to your needs.

Data4Citizen's web portal highlighted key points :

  • GWT and Drupal technologies
  • Secured access to Data according to users grants
  • SparQL endpoint and CKAN as backbone
  • Data visualizations as grids, tables, charts and maps
  • Custom developments according to your needs

API and Social media

Data4Citizen provides an API based on Python langage for your applications and data Social connectors.

Share your data in your portals as well as in your networks.

Data4Citizen's API highlighted key points :

  • Data queries with analysis axis
  • Secured access with key management
  • CSV and XML ouputs formats
  • Social media sharing options from web portal

Advanced functions

Data4Citizen provides to customers advanced Vanilla KPI visualization interfaces, to turn your data into graphics, place it on maps, use them for advanced analysis emebeded in Data4Citizen platform.

For registered users, we have bundled Data4Citizen with Vanilla Air to allow user to run advanced Analysis, like data correlation, data clustering or data classification, to figure out which data are linked together, under which conditions.

Alongside VanillaAir, Data4Citizen enables you to create advanced analysis, our staff is also able to answer any request or assist you with data analysis in order to provide more efficient data to the user.

Data4Citizen's advanced highlighted key points :

  • Vanilla KPI indicators and dynamic maps on your data
  • Vanilla AIR to open a new world of knowledge and create real analytics process with R technology
  • Featured search interface that will drives you through different themes, documents and indicators
  • SolR as indexation and search runtime backbone
  • Results can be influenced by trending topics
  • Heuristic and Statistics charts with details and links
  • Advanced and custom analytics process


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